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Old Orders


Orders Placed

Please include the order date, date received, vendor, order amount (including shipping), account number to be charged and your name

To Be Ordered

Please include the quantity, part number, and short description with unit price for each part
[Please don't remove the company names when you place one of these orders]

Notice 6/10/08

Orders through the following vendors should be placed with Admin:

  - Airgas: *lab gases*
  - Allied Electronics: *electronic components/equipment*
  - Ambit Press:* MIT stationery and business cards*
  - Apple Computer: *computers and accessories from Apple*
  - Dell Computer: *computers and accessories from Dell*
  - GE Healthcare Biosciences: *lab/chemical supplies*
  - GovConnection: *computer supplies*
  - Grainger: *maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) products*
  - Invitrogen : *lab/chemical supplies*
  - Millipore :* lab/chemical supplies*
  - Newark InOne: *electronic components/equipment*
  - Office Depot: *office supplies*
  - Office Environments of New England: *furniture*
  - Perkin Elmer Life Sciences: *lab/chemical supplies*
  - Roche Applied Science: *lab/chemical supplies*
  - Sigma Aldrich: *lab/chemical supplies*
  - USA Scientific: *lab supplies*
  - Qiagen Inc: *lab/chemical supplies*
  - VWR International: *lab/chemical supplies*
  - Westnet : *lab supplies* 

Completed Orders

-> Please remove ordered items from the "To Be Ordered" list above.
-> Add completed orders to the top of the list.